[Kristen, I love you. ]

Kristen’s father John, sister Shannon, brother Trey and sister Taylor join the team and the all-stars are back!!!

Super short clip from Fox News

I’m raising money right now for this event in memory of my late wife Kristen, who died  from brain cancer in 2003.

Please consider making a secure online donationChecks can be made out to ‘24 HOURS OF BOOTY‘ c/o Weldon Weaver, 2109 Scott Ave, Charlotte 28203.  501 (c)3.  Tax ID = 20-3768277.  The net proceeds from your tax deductible donation supports Lance Armstrong Foundation (50%) and Carolina charities (50%) like the Keep Pounding Fund at Carolinas Medical Center and the Brain Tumor Fund For The Carolinas

The event is a 24-hours endurance bicycle ride; ~65 laps around a three mile loop near my house.  I’ll be specifically training for the ride during June and July to ride strong for your donation. I can do it;  MOTIVATE ME.

Last year, after 150 miles, I felt a pebble in my shoe.  It was in a real pressure point.  So, I took a break to get it out.  I remember being so confused when I couldn’t find anything in my shoe (photo).  I felt it again as soon I started riding.  I kept riding, but it didn’t really matter.  They won’t host a 24 hour charity ride in NYC or S.F. or Berlin just because some Charlotte widower rode 50+ miles with an invisible pebble in his shoe; I know it’s about the donations.  I’ll be part of the spectacle of the event, but you’ll be the hero.  Your donation not only directly helps people locally and nationally, it fuels the expansion of this organization (now in two other US cities).

Please consider sending me some words of inspiration or sharing your philanthropic endeavors with me.




The 'In Memory of Kristen Weaver' team is a proud sponsor of the Donald Haack Diamonds Cycling Team.

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